How can I create recovery discs if Sony Vaio Care isn’t working?

Ankush K February 22, 2012
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When I was creating my recovery discs using Sony Vaio Care it asked me for for 3 DVD-Rs.

Then it started.. creating image 1of3 , it took around 30min and it wrote on first disc. I had also checkmarked to verify data after writing.

But at the end I received a dialog box stating “verification was cancelled and this disc may be used for recovery” after clicking ok it did not prompt me for any second disc and I was returned to the normal Vaio Care screen. I opened that disc and I saw 4.33 GB is written, fine, but I don’t know what to do now :(

I tried it again, it wasted another DVD, and still didn’t ask for any additional disks.

The size of that hidden recovery drive is 11.5 GB which would logically need 3 discs (4.7×3). I’m just wasting my money burning DVDs and all that it shows each time is RECOVERYDISC1. I called up customer care and they told me to insert the second after the first is ejected and I dont get it what will happen then as the whole process comes to stand still.

Now they tell me that I should restore my entire system. This is a new laptop, and I don’t want the hassle.

Any anyone suggest a third party software that would do this job smoothly?

The OS is Windows Home Basic and the laptop VPCEG35EN

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