How can I create a dual boot with Mac on a Windows machine?
Question by ErikM0edt /
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So, recently I wanted to make a dual-boot on my PC for both Windows and Mac. But before I start doing that using the MakeUseOf tutorial I have some questions:

1. I saw that it was possible to make a dual-boot. How much GB does the Mac system require? And how should I do the dual-boot?
2. Is it possible to do this with a hacked copy of Mac OSX, e.g. or somthing?
3. Can this be done with a 16 GB usb-stick as well??


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Answers (6)
  • Theo Reisinger

    I believe it won’t dual boot if you don’t have the right hardware… but good luck!

  • jamie

    enjoy your hackintosh i am making one

  • ha14

    UniBeast: Install Mac OS X Lion Using an All-In-One Bootable USB Drive

    you can try the same method with your mentioned source of MACOSX

    • Erik Moedt

       whoa! and thats all i have to do? is this complete? thanks very much! mr. awesome!

  • Erik Moedt

    Thanks! and i have like 200 gb free for mac, so it will be alright :D
    but the questions was, can i use a hacked/cracked/pirated copy of OSX in combination with e.g. iboot, multibeast etc. ???

    it could be you’ve already answered this question, but my english isn’t THAT good, so i couldn’t really find a straight answer


  • Mike

    1. The default installation of Snow Leopard is between 6-10GB. Since you probably want to install some other applications and save some files the minimum should be ~20GB.
    Mac OS X certainly likes to have some space for caching and other operations (once you drop below 3GB free OSX starts behaving weird) so chose an appropriate size.

    I also found a blog about dual-booting Windows and OS X (iBoot) 

    2. Let me put this in other words: “You cannot install a retail (non-hacked) OS X version on a none Apple computer”

    iBoot, Multibeast, Chameleon… they all apply some hacks to make OS X work (l EFI emulation, hacked kernel extensions etc.)

    Whether you use the “clean” way with a retail OS X copy and iBoot etc. or some pre-configured installation like Kaliway, iDeneb, iATKOS is up to you ~ whatever works for your system.

    3. According to the OSx86 Wiki you can install it to a USB (hard) drive 

    As previously explained, 16GB is sort of at the limit – not sure you will be happy with it.

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