How can I create and view multiple hierarchical subdirectories on a Mac?

Stephanie January 8, 2011
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This likely ranks as a *really* stupid question , but I’m a brand new Mac user after centuries at a PC.

I like the Mac, except that I’m used to using Windows Explorer to create directories of major projects, sub-dirs of facets of that project (usually by year), sub-subdirs, etc., and then putting separate files in each relevant directory.

I’m trying to get that same hierarchical structure on the Mac, but for example when I open an old PC dir, I get a long alphabetical list, with sub-dirs and sub-subdirs and files all listed as if they were equal components. I want to be able to see and create (!) that old hierarchy.

I’ve read about Folders and Smart Folders and Spring-Loaded Folders, and I get confused. Am I missing something that’s just really obvious?



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