How can I create custom filters for the MakeUseOf feed in Google Reader?

Mel April 23, 2010
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Okay, I am a big fan of discovering new ways to do things I do and follow quite a few of these blogs like One thing that bothers me is the diversity of topics. To some, this might be a good thing, but to me it is a waste of time.

I see the classification of posts in between square brackets like “[blah]” at the end of the title of each blog post. I personally do not and will not have anything to do with stuff coming from Steve Jobs factory. So, anything Apple related, let it be Mac, iPhone, iPad and whatnot will not ever be I am interested in reading.

Lately, I realized almost half the posts are being devoted to Apple products. And I am wondering if there is a way to filter out this “crud” and only read what I am interested in, which is the rest of the postings, by utilizing some setting/feature in Google reader and or RSS feed.

Helpful answers are greatly appreciated and Apple fanboys need not voice their opinion as this is not related to OS camp wars.

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