How can I create a bootable Mac USB using Windows XP?
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I would like to make a bootable USB with Mac OS. Are there tools/utilities available to do it in Windows XP box? Step by step guide would be preferable.

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Answers (27)
  • Jniteen76

    I want to install windows xp and MAC leopard Snow on my machin is there any chances to run both on single system?

    • Carpenter__RichardCarpenter

      Yes, and this should get you in the right direction,

      But I would ask a new question so more of us will see it

  • Donovon

    OK, I have the snow leopard disc but my iMac wont read it so I want to use my 8gb flashdrive to install leopard on my iMac but I need to know how I can put the leopard files on the flash drive using windows

    • Anonymous

      Have any of the answers in the comments above worked?

      I would recommend asking a new question so that more people see your question.

    • toot

       Hi, please open a new question if you like to get more people answered.

      This will increase the your chances of getting people to reply your question.


    • Tina

      Hey, you stole my text! ;)

    • Tggrng123

      What are you even talking about? You don't have to pirate to install Hackintosh. Do your research before you spout off and spread lies.

    • Anonymous

      Tggrng123, You need to do more research. You are pirating OS X when installing it on a bootloader that emulates EFI. Also, This is piracy because it is against apples EULA to even install on none Apple Hardware.

      Don't call someone else a liar when you are wrong.

    • Aryaa. . . .as deepak “enjoy l

      you are stupid

  • Ppzockr


  • Macophile

    hi guy's Ive got an iMac G3 that has crashed and needs to be rebuilt. I no longer have the installation CD but have downloaded the .iso if T burn this iso to a disc in windows will it work as an installation cd on the mac?

    • Tina


      I noticed that your question was not answered, even after 5 days. If you're still looking for a solution, I recommend you ask a new question here. It will be posted on the front page of MakeUseOf Answers, where it will be seen by a lot more people than within this comment thread.

  • misslAYDEE510

    did he get an answetr

  • Tomo_u23

    i need your help.
    i am new to mac osx and mac computer.
    i buy imac g5 and i have problem with panic kernel..
    i cant boot to OS and safe mode and else.
    when i put option key i see only bootable hdd of machintosh.i think cd/dvd drive is broken..
    can somebody help me step by step what to do.i have another pc running windows7 and i ask can i make bootable usb flash drive with mac osx and how i can make that trought windows..
    thanks a lot

    • Tina


      I recommend that you submit a new question. It will increase your chances to receive a thorough answer.

  • Mendyypan

    Hi, Im trying to do what ha14 suggested, i got as far as making two usb's, one with Chameleon and one with iAKTOS.
    I got as far as booting with the chameleon, now how do i proceed to install? how do i choose and fire away the installation?

    • toot

      You would need to make both Chameleon and iAKTOS on one usb. While another usb is pointed as target for installation after the Chameleon is booted successfully and iAKTOS is selected.

  • toot

    Thanks guys. Your help is much appreciable.

    Can the USB Mac be created in Linux box?

    • Mike

      Using Linux doesn't change the initial problem!

      If you want to use Mac OS X on none-Apple Hardware you will have to use a Bootloader like Chameleon (as ha14) suggested and you will have to actually run the Installation because depending on your Hardware different System Hacks and Kernel Extensions need to be installed.
      This is why using a OSx86 distribution like iATKOS is preferred - they have those Hacks and Extensions built in so all you have to do is select them during installation.

      Of course you can then select a USB Drive as the Target for this Installation.
      But there is no ready-to-use image you put on your USB Drive and boot into Mac OS X like you do with Linux Distros and Linux Live Creator (or it's alternatives).

  • Mike

    As for installing from a USB Drive Richard and ha14 covered the options.

    There is no other way because Windows cannot read the installation files from a retail Mac OS X Installation DVD. Instead, you will only see all Boot Camp drivers for Windows.

    If you want to boot Mac OS X from a USB Drive you need an already up and running installation of Mac OS X (retail or OSx86/Hackintosh) and then clone the entire System to the thumb drive using Carbon Copy Cloner ( or SuperDuper! (

  • Anonymous

    step1: take your Pc/netbook

    step2:boot your computer on windows

    step3:Download iatkos_v7.iso

    step4:Download chameleon rc2.img

    step5:Download win32diskimager.exe

    you will need 2 flashdrive

    open win32diskimager.exe

    Make an image file of chameleon rc2.img on your flashdrive

    and change iatkos_v7.iso to iatkos_v7.img by yourself

    Make an image file of Iatkos_v7.img on your flashdrive

    now turn off your computer and boot it on chameleon rc2

    and choose Iatkos_v7

    now its your turn to install it

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