How can I crack a password protected .RAR file?
Question by Kunal Kakkad /

I have a .RAR file that is password protected. When I try to access it, it prompts me for the password. I want to know how to extract the file without the password?

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Answers (18)
  • mnh

    im having another kind of problem! my rar file is not password protected, the exe file inside the rar is protected. that when i try to extract the rar, a message appears saying "enter password for encrypted exe file"

    i tried RAR Password Unlocker but it says that the rar does not have a password

    how can i extract that EXE flie? please help!!

    • jack

      when you try to extract the exe file it asks for password then just close the password bpx it will get extracted

  • Ronak

    I use an application on blacberry which allows you to extract rar files, even password protected ones withou even knowing the password.
    The app is Rock File Manager. Brilliant app!!!

  • cbcxv bn

    I downloaded a screwed up file from a site called
    Now it's pass protected. is deleted form blogger.dunno what to do.

  • sefer hoxha

    how can i extract rar password protected

  • shri devika

    how can i open or break password movie file having a password

  • alexw

    I had same problem with one rar file, and i know cracking it without password is a long shot. All the crack or recovery softwares indeed work, but they are all based on exhaustive method, that means if the password is short and simple, you can get it in minutes, but if it is relatively long, it will take forever literally. I don't see how other than that.

  • Mohammad Hamzani Salleh

    i have same issues, and crawling all the web n found at least 10 freeware n shareware n trialware. but none give result no matter what i chose. i think all this sofware just a scam or need to buy or i dontwaht to said. i also found crack version n nothing also in result for first 3 word. n the long u set the longger u must wait. that was so fraud when u wait for a long time n nothing come accross. i wonder if this software is legit ot not. if it legit n have success story, i maybe will spent a buck to buy it(but maybe just let data bygone n start new) so, in this story, i think the .rar is not yours, secondly u download it from internet. so if u download it from internet, just visit the provider u download and they always put the passwd at the download section of the file. if the file is not yours, dont try any method unless u willing to pay the price for it then just find expert.

    • kunal

      yup yarr..
      Mee too tried many freewares but all ae fake..
      I have password on the .rar file which had beem downloaded by me from internet.
      but by hardluck i had forgi=ot the site name from where i downloaded it..
      So have to just sit and search..
      :) :)

    • Coolssr143

      Just goto and search for winrar password unlocker.Download it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • john

      DUDE IT'S ANOTHER FAKE!!!!! ;)

  • stephenjer

    You download the RAR files from the internet? The WinRAR password sometimes is the URL from where the file was downloaded. Another possibility is the password could be within the filename. If these tips can’t get a help, recovering the RAR password with a third party software is highly recommended. I have used the RAR password unlocker to remove the password. It's proved to be helpful. You can also have a try!

    • kunal

      hey can u just send me the link of RAR password unlocker to download it...
      if possible...
      thnx in advance...
      :) :)

  • kunal

    Hey thanks to all of you who replied me...
    and i too had tried many password cracking tools over net but all are just wastage of time....
    they are just the sort of fake things..
    and actually i had forgotten from which site i have downloaded that rar file so i think now that file will be useless for me right?????

  • ferdinan Sitohang

    There are lots of password crack on the net, but i don't think it will success. Actually, there is no other way you can extract the true data from the file if you don't have a password, even you try to extract and success, it will give you unreadable ddata, so it is useless.

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