Could you recommend a free or low cost and easy to manage solution for adding bookmarks/placeholders to MP4 videos?

Joseph Videtto January 1, 2013
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I have a number of videos that I use for learning guitar, and they are often 1 to 2 hours long – formats include MP4, IFO/VOB, ISO, and MPG.

I often need to isolate and loop on various sections of a video, and would like to define and include multiple bookmarks and placeholders for the video sections of interest, and to be able to define meaningful text names for each section. Additionally, I’d like for the bookmarks to seamlessly move with the videos when I move the files from one machine to another.

I’ve tried this with VLC media player, and although it is possible, I found the mechanism extremely cumbersome and, for me, unreliable. Lots of navigation, config files stored in non-obvious place with non-intuitive names or the bookmarks are easily lost or misplaced between sessions, etc.

Does anyone have a free or low cost recommendation, or if not – a more expensive but reliable solution?

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