Could a virus be stopping me from accessing Facebook?
Question by Eliis V. /
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I have tried all of these advice provided in the “How To Recover Your Facebook Account When You Can No Longer Log In” article but nothing worked for me. If I visit Facebook it gives me “HTTP error 500 (Internal Server Error)” messages.

Is it possible I have a virus that is preventing me from accessing the site? Can you help me solve this?

Please, help me! :)


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Answers (14)
  • Anonymous

    Virus is nothing but a set of commands, if you may. It can control the way in which any application behaves on your system.

    That said, it would be good if you could try accessing your FB account from a different machine. If that works, there is definitely an issue with your system. If not, the issue is with your FB account itself.

    Hope this helps.


  • Kulwinder Rouri

    Some viruses are made to block sites, you can scan for this. Try another browser or try by clearing cache memory.

  • Saurabh Kumar

    Best thing is to clean cache.........
    I think virus can stop you from accessing particular websites.
    Hav u tried using differed browsers?

  • Ahmed Musani

    check your host file as well.
    and then selecting hosts.
    open notepad with administrative privileges, go to the location above and check if is there. if yes erase it.
    that should fix it.

  • Mayur Godhani

    Use online virus scanners,
    I suggested this because if virus is preventing your system to open facebook, this online virus scanners will detect it easily.

  • siddharth singh

    yes a virus could possibly do that

  • Aniket Singh

    yes some virus are there which block some site.......try c cleaner if the problem accur try another browser

  • luis donis

    but will also be other things like we will have to clean cache

  • Âdil Farôôq

    This may be because of Facebook DNS changes few days ago.
    So many peoples having trouble logging in it is a temporary issue as said by facebook officials.

  • James Maciel

    A virus definitely could stop you from accessing a website. Check if any other websites are blocks which could help determine if it's virus related or not.

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