Can I copy folders from Yahoo to a flash drive and then copy them to my GMail account?
Question by Rhonda /
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Is there a way to copy all my folders from Yahoo and put it on a flash drive, then put them in my GMail account? Like drag the folder to a flash drive, instead of doing one document at a time.

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Answers (4)
  • Anonymous

    How to Copy Yahoo Emails Onto a Flash Drive

    There are two  Yahoo Mail. One is the free version and the other is Yahoo mail Plus which you pay for. One of the main differences between the two, is that the paid-for version usually provides an “archive” option whereby you can have it create a Zip file on your Desktop whenever you want. 

    With the paid-for version of Yahoo Mail you can create an account in an email “client” that is installed on your computer and download your messages into it, so that they are then on your computer. You can choose to leave copies on the Yahoo server or actually move them, so that once downloaded they are deleted from the Webmail folders. This is called POP3 email.If you have configured Yahoo Mail to allow downloading using the POP3 protocol and created an account in the program on the Flash Drive, you can then download all the messages to the Flash Drive and unplug it when finished.

    there is Mozilla thunderbird portable

    Get Your Yahoo! Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird for Free

  • Mjevolve

    dont think thats possible .

    but you can import all your mails from either of the accounts to either of the accounts .

    from google to yahoo 
    from yahoo to google .

    just go into the account settings and look for an option which says — Import Mails from this e-mail account .

    that will work …

    • Rhonda

      I know about this, I was hoping there was an easier and faster way to do it. Thank you,

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