Why can’t I copy files from my laptop to an external hard drive?
Question by sayak paul /
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On my laptop I am able to copy any files from any external hard disk to my laptop but when it comes to copying something from my laptop to the external drive it’s not allowed.

It shows the disk is write protected, but when I connct that similar external drive to any other laptop, copying isn’t a problem.

How can I change access so files can be transferred both ways?

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Answers (6)
  • nitu

    i foun a disk .this disk not copy to my pc.who can copy it.


    Hello, sometimes when using different operating system this can happen.  Not often but it happens.  I would check the permissions for your external.  The process to change permissions is similar in different operating systems.  Make sure to set permissions to everyone.

    -- connect external
    -- click on computer/my computer
    -- click on your external drive
    -- right click and select properties
    -- click on security
    -- check that your user has read and write permissions for drive

  • Anonymous

    1. Start > search bar -> CMD and press enter
    2. type< diskpart
    3. type< list disk
    4. type< select disk # (# is the number of the  hard drive)
    5. type< attributes disk clear readonly

  • Karkala Nayak

    Hello sayak,

    There are many things you can do..Here are some...

    First one
    First try this, you will need to edit the windows registry file. This addition can be caused to a infection. First go to start menu and then click on run. Type regedit. In the registry editor windows go to file menu and click on export. Save the file to a desired location. This is because in case if there is any error you can restore the registry file back again. Then Navigate to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Control > StorageDevicePolicies. Now right click on writeprotect and then click on modify. Change the value to 0 and click on OK. Repeat the same for ControlSet001 and ControlSet002. Close it and restart your system. 

    Second one
    The setting can be disabled by right clicking on the external hard disk. First connect the hard disk and then open my computer. Right click on the hard disk and remove the tick from the check box next to read only. Exit the properties box. Now try to move the data files. Other wise there is a freeware tool called unlocker. This tool can be used to remove the protection from the disk. Download unlocker and then just right click on the drive in my computer and select unlock.
    Unlocker Download link

    Third one
    The lock can be opened and closed by single command in cmd. Insert your drive and give the chdir command to locate your hard drive. Then type sys: on</pre
    to enable the write protection and
    sys: off
    to disable the write protection service. Also see your bios settings. Some bios have write protection settings.
    If it is enabled then you have to disable it from there. 

    IF you want to see more ways, If above doesn't work then check out this forum
    ALSO this

    I hope it helped::

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