What’s the coolest gadget you’d buy for under $100? [Competition]
Question by Jackson Chung /

We’re searching for exciting giveaway ideas, so we’d like to pick your brains and ask, “What cool gadget (tech-related or otherwise) would you buy for under $100?

This is a competition. We will go through your answers and pick the most creative/exciting/interesting gadget, and purchase it for the person who suggested it! It could also potentially be offered in exchange for points as part of our Rewards program. So try to come up with suggestions that stir us.

Here are the rules:

1. Be clear about your suggestions. Tell us what it’s called and include a link to the product.
2. The product must exist and be available for purchase.
3. Only include 1 suggestion per comment. If you have multiple suggestions, submit multiple comments.
4. Use a valid email address, or sign up for a MakeUseOf account so that we can contact you in case you win.
5. Regular giveaway rules apply.
6. Competition ends on Oct 26.

Good luck!

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