How can I convert Word documents to EPUB or PDF?
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I need to convert Word documents to EPUB or PDF format in order to publish live. Which software is easy to use and can help me, other than PDF Convertor?

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  • sharon

    Lately I got my word files converted to EPub as well as to PDFfrom one of the sites. [url][/url. This site not only converted my work but also validated it, which is one of the most important part in publishing the epub files, especially for the Apple’s ipad. It might be helpful in getting your ePub files converted and validated. All my problems related to the formatting were overcome and the results were very much satisfactory.

  • Anita Lewis

    To make epub get Calibre You could then save the Word doc as rtf and import it into Calibre. Then you can convert it to epub. Sometimes I use Sygil to fix up the Chapter headings.

    I am pretty sure Sygil will import html; so you instead you could save the doc as html in Word and then open in Sygil and save as epub.

  • Jessica Cam W.

    If you prefer not to download anything (e.g. you just have a few files to convert), try the online tools, Zamzar, to convert the doc to pdf (though you could just use MS Word like everyone has said here), and Epub2go to convert pdf files to epub.

  • Vic

    Further to Jack Cola’s comments, once you create the pdf file, you can use the free program Calibre to convert from pdf to epub.

  • Tom

    Nitro PDF also allows you to create a pdf through a virtual printer (similar to the previously mentioned pdfcreator) Nitro is freeware and personally it has worked decently, allowing the user to print pdfs to specific specifications. You mmight also want to look into a cloud based service to convert your files .

  • Jack Cola

    A couple of ways to convert Word to PDF:

    1. If you use Word 2007 or above, simply go to Save As and select PDF or XPS
    2. If you don’t have Word 2007, you can download and install PDF Creator which requires you to “print” to the PDF Creator printer which will create your PDF document.

    As for EPUB, I have no clue.

  • Beardy53

    Download open office for free comes with a great P.D.F. converter and also opens Microsoft office documents

    • daisy mina

      If you don’t have Ms Word 2007, you can ask for a friend of you who has one to use the “save as” function to convert word to PDF file. Usually the converted PDF file quality is gratified except for password setting feature. 

      For converting Word to ePub documents, I suggest you use a professional ePub Creator. Bcz it can help you to make a standard and fully ePub book publication. Apart from basic conversion from Word, PDF, image, text to ePub files, you can also design book cover and tile, layout, author, chapter….

    • Peter Thurgood

      I just downloaded a professional ePub Creator.but unfortunately it doesn’t do what it claims to do. I tried uploading my book in Word to it and it came back saying it did not recognise WORD and that I needed to download Word Office fist – so much for that then!

    • daisy mina

      Have you installed Ms Word program? Converting Word to ePub, you need install Microsoft Word program in advance, the conversion need it to support!
      In my impression, word to ePub conversion is relatively easy.

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