How can I convert videos to play on my iPhone 5?
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How can I convert video and DVD movies to my new ordered iPhone 5 freely?

How can I convert HD videos, DVD movies, online YouTube video, avi, mkv, wmv, 3gp, flv, vob video to iPhone 5 playable format?

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Answers (29)
  • Krista Hiles

    According to Apple official website, iTunes only works with QuickTime and MPEG-4 Movie files that end in ".mov", ".m4v", or ".mp4" and are playable in QuickTime Player. Therefore, if you try to import .avi movie to iTunes for syncing, it will end in fail in importing AVI video to iTunes let alone transfer this AVI file to iPad, iPhone, iPod.

  • Carlos Darrell

    The iPhone 5 is here and it is exactly like the leaks we have seen so far. The iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch 16:9 screen with a retina display at 1136 x 640 and 326 PPI which really make it ideal for movie or TV watching.

    If you want to play 16:9 AVI movies on 4-inch iPhone 5, you need to convert AVI to iPhone 5 compatible video formats and then sync the results to iTunes for iPhone 5 streaming.

  • sid lee

    how can i convert a movie that i i can watch it on my iphone 5

  • Bryan Holekamp

    I've converted some 200 full-length MKVs with iFlicks and have yet to find something as intuitive, stable and easy to use as iFlicks.

  • David

    It is nice that this is resolved, but don't you think you should have put a link so that it would be resolved for others also? I can't seem to find the page and by the time anyone sees this and posts a link it is too late.

  • Meilin Dai

    You can just use a iPhone 5 converter

  • ivanted

    Well, there are actually some video players ( FlexPlayer, for example) that allow DVD/VOB file playback.
    But firstly to get DVD disc video out to iPhone5, I'd like to recommend you leawo dvd ripper(win/mac version available) to complete the conversion.
    Professional, powerful and simple is all I know about it. :)

  • kumar raja

    Use Any Video Converter 3.5.6 is the latest version that converts all the Videos into any format and it free also it will convert videos of iphone, ipod and ipad also

  • kaki4125

    you just need to get an all in one media converter, iFunia Media converter is one i used.

  • Lizel Tyson

    I have used most of this softwares but the one that I like and recommend is AVS

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