How can I convert .JPEG files to Word or .PDF?
Question by John Swiman /
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I sometimes get documents that are scanned and sent to me as a jpeg. How can I convert them to word documents and or PDF files for formal presentation?
Is there any conversion programs that can do this, either free or paid?

I am using Windows XP along with Microsoft Office 2007.

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Answers (16)
  • Paul Pruitt

    IrfanView offers a pretty flexible printing interface for JPG files. If you have PDF Creator, you can print to PDF that way. IrfanView also has a free add-in for OCR that is pretty decent, so if you actually need to convert the images into text you can past into word or open as a text file in Word, you can do that. It's here.

    Finally a decent batch freeware batch OCR is NIH's (yes, the government National Institute of Health) MyMoprh. It's here:

    There are probably better batch OCR freeware. Working with MS Office 2007 - 2013 OneNote app might be usable too. Its the replacement to the Document Imaging app of older versions of MS Office.

  • Sashi Peiris

    the simple way is to insert the picture in to a word document and make the picture as large as you can so that it fits on to the page. The you can save the file as a word of pdf.

  • Saina Nehwal

    You can convert image or word file to pdf directly but for this you have to use diffrent tools, for image to pdf conversion you can use Kernel for image to pdf software from and for word to pdf go for Kernel for word to pdf software, you can get more information from

  • Amit Sinha

    yes use OCR software try searching on Google

  • filepuma

    pdfCreator is a good choice. With this mini-tool, you can create PDF document easier and faster. Download pdfCreator from:

  • Lambvolution

    you can use Boxsoft Free OCR to convert it

  • Ben Mordecai

    You can always print them to PDF using CutePDF

  • Edgar Meixueiro

    You can install PDF creator, which creates a virtual printer in your system which prints any file to pdf format. Try that.

  • Bhupinder Dhanda

    copy this link - and paste in your web browser.

  • Reý Aetar

    just upload it to google docs then file>import to google docs then a new window will open allowing you to edit the doc ,then just click file again and download as pdf document

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