How can I best convert a HD video for small size?

pceasies June 20, 2010
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I used Windows Media Center to record some of the winter Olympics a couple months ago and want to re-encode them into something smaller.

I used DVR-MS to convert them to DRM-free mpeg files and they average around 30 GB a piece (each 4 hours). I was hoping to slim them down to something around 1-2GB a piece.

They were recorded in 1080p with around 15Mbps bitrate for the video and 384KB/s 6 channel audio. I’ve tried MediaCoder, HandBrake, SUPER, and FormatFactory, but can’t seem to get the settings right, the resulting video always ends up around the same size if not larger. I’ve been trying h.264 with AAC audio and multipass, 100% quality for most of them.

Anyone offer some assistance?

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