How can I convert a 3D BluRay .ISO into an .AVI to watch on my TV?

Dinu CristianLv September 16, 2012
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Hello everyone,

I have a question that I have┬ásearched and couldn’t find the answer to. I just got a new TV, it’s a Philips 8000ER Series Smart LED 3DTV. I’ve downloaded a BluRay 3D movie and the file is an .ISO.

I have searched the nVidia site to see if my video card supports 3D movies and it doesn’t, so I saw a post on this site about how to watch movies from a USB flash drive by converting the movie in .AVI format.

My problem is that i cant open the image. I usually use Daemon tools, and it has always worked – but not this time. So my question is, how i can open the image in order to convert the file.


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