Can I control USB ports using only the Windows command prompt?
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Can I control USB ports using only the command prompt?

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  • Anonymous

    DEVCON, command-line utility functions alternative to Device Manager, so you can use this to enable/disable the hub devices from the commandline


    Hello, USB Deview by nirsoft can be used from cmd.  The following is the link for the software and also the description.  Scroll down to bottom page and it will show you all the commands available.

    USB Deview:

  • Anonymous

    You can do anything from the Command Prompt that you can from the GUI. The difference is you really have to check your commands, It is a whole lot quicker to make mistakes. For example, running the Unix “rm” command with a * could really cause trouble.

    I am going to assume you are referring to moving and changing attributes of the files, and using Windows XP and up

    You will need to know the drive letter of the drive, it will be listed in My Computer

    Two Commands for you:

    First the “attrib” command which will let you make a file read only, hidden, etc. Run the “attrib -?” command for specific usage

    the next command is “xcopy” which, as the name implies, will let you move files between drives and directories.

    Before I go any further, Is this what you need or are you referring to something else?

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