How can I connect to the WiFi at home with my Android phone?
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I just got an Android phone. They showed me how to make sure you are connected to WiFi to save on my data plan. I am new to all this, so I thought I was connected to my wireless internet, but wasn’t.

I found this out when I took my daughter to the local McDonald’s and picked up on theirs and another place, but can’t pick up my own signal at home. Please help. Is there something I have to set up on my computer or the router?

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  • Krystyles

    You Must have Wireless internet in Your Home! So okay leet’s say you do. got to settings in your phone. Turn your wi-fi on. Your phone should scan For what connections are available. When  u see yours click it. it will then ask u for your wep #(which is located on the back of your wireless router) type that in and you will be in. Hope this Helps