How can I connect a second monitor to my PC?
Question by Marcel Sniehotta /

So I wanted to connect two monitors at once and just try it out, but it kinda doesn’t work.

I have nVidia GeForce GTX460 with 2 DVI slots, but when I connect my monitor in PC with DVI cable it just doesn’t work. I need to use DVI->VGA adapter and plug it in it. But I only have 1 DVI->VGA adapter, so when I try to connect the second monitor into DVI slot it just shows floating window with ”Check signal cable”.

Do I need to buy another adapter or what ? Any help really appreciated!

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Answers (3)

    Hello, easiest option would be to get another adapter.  Make sure that it is the right DVI connector because there are different kinds.

  • Mike

    It is possible you have to manually enable the second monitor within the NVIDIA Control Panel. Either right-click your Desktop image and select to start the NVIDIA Control Panel or use the tray icon in the taskbar.

    Within the Control Panel navigate to “Display > Set up multiple displays”.

    If you don’t have the control panel installed I suggest to get the latest driver from NVIDIA for your card.

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