Can I connect my iPod to the Internet via Bluetooth?
Question by Bonnie Williams /
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I want to connect my iPod to the Internet via Bluetooth using my mobile phone as a modem.

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Answers (11)
  • gadgdfsgdf

    NO, Bluetooth is for only Bluetooth ready speaker or headset, camera (Like the Contour), iPod to ipod (Ipad, iphone, itouch only), joystick (like the iCADE) or game-pad (like the iControlpad), Baby Monitors (some are WiFi only), Cobra iRadar Detection for iPhone/iPod Touch, iHealth products, Bluetooth GPS (for siriusxm or Navigation devices only).

    Ether way, no you can not! Bluetooth internet to a iphone, ipad, itouch (unless its jailbroken, but u resk loosing your stuff and apple warranty doesn't cover modding its IOS)

    My optiong:
    1. You need phone or smart phone with tethering (Like the iphone4 not sure for 3gsmodel, ipad with its cellular plan ).
    2. Make you computer or laptop a Wireless Hotspot (XP Pro works great, Win7 Series but NOT the Win7 Start and not sure about Basic Edition)...Side Note, u can bluetooth internet to ur computer then make ur computer a Wireless Hotspot to connect any wireless device that connect to internet like a ipod touch or tablet without a mobile plan...
    3. GET a MiFi device, it connect about 5 device at once like a tablet, smart phone, game console for Xbox360, PS3, Wii, wireless printers, network devices, and so on if its Wireless for internet use! then again its gonna waste alot money if ur on it to much data or downloading large amount of data like app, games, videos...u get the picture what i'm saying here but its allot easier then step 2 of my option.

  • cornsnake

    I haven't been able to figure it out I have a jailbroke ipod and I still can figure it out if u have a way that works send me a email telling me how

  • kulotpoako

    The only way the iPod touch can connect to the Internet is via wifi, so if there's no wifi connection, I'm afraid you can't connect at all.

  • Guest

    yes you can connect your ipod touch 2g, 3g and 4g (sorry to those who have a first gen ipod. your device doesnt support bluetooth, but you can connect to your iphones internet as listed below) via bluetooth. if you have an iphone that you want to connect your ipod to (this works for all ipod gens including first gen) then:
    1. on the iphone, go into settings >general >network >personal hotspot
    2 turn personal hotspot on
    3. enter a wifi password
    4. on your ipod go into setting
    5. go into wifi
    6. the hotspot you just created should be there. if it isnt then tap other and in the network name section type in your iphone's name (its usually "[your name]'s iphone" to check go to settings > general > about
    7. there should be a symbol of two oval shaped circles connected. that means you are connected. if the symbol is not there repeat steps 4-6 again.


    if you have a "non-smart" phone or an older phone that can connect to the internet and has bluetooth connectivity then you can do it this way (this does not work for all phones but will work for most phones) (sorry first gen users. you cant use this method because you cant connect via bluetooth):
    1. turn on bluetooth on your ipod by going into settings >general > bluetooth
    2. turn bluetooth on your phone and set your phones visibilty to always visible or temporarily visible
    3. on your ipod, in the bluetooth menu, locate your phones name (its usually [phone make eg. nokia][phones model])
    4. IMPORTANT: on your ipod tap your phones name. DO NOT go on your phone and connect to your ipod. it has to be connect your phone FROM your ipod
    5. it should either ask you to enter a code on both devices or confirm that the same code is shown on both devices
    6. click "pair" on both devices
    7. there should be two oval shapes connected together in the top left corner of your ipod. this means that tou have successfully connected to your phones internet. if it is not there the repeat steps 3-5 again.

    Hope this helps

    • Naite Owner

      Thank you so much!

    • Dexter

      But if any operator requires "apn" separately to connect to internet. then what to do?

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Then you need to contact the operator to send you APN settings.They'll assist you step by step in setting up a new APN.

  • Natobyrne

    You can connect your iPod touch 4g with any phone that can already connect to wifi. So if you have a phone that has wifi capability you can connect Your iPod touch 4g with it via Bluetooth and it doesn't cost a dime . Hope this helps =)

    • Natobyrne

      Also you don't need a jailbreak.........but I jailbroken mine in any way :)

  • Anonymous

    Use Bluetooth to tether your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad        
    The Personal Hotspot feature also lets iPhones starting with iOS 4.2.6 (Verizon) or 4.3 (GSM model) share the cell data connection via Bluetooth and USB as well

    if jailbroken ipod
    Tether your ipod touch to your Phone via Bluetooth with iBluever! (verizon env touch)

  • Anonymous

    The iPod Touch 4th Gen. (Cameras on front and back) is the only iPod with BT support. 

    As far as I can tell, It would only work with a iPhone 3g or up (iOS Bluetooth is painfully picky) through Internet Tethering (iPhone 3g) or Personal Hotspot (iPhone 4). It will not work with just any phone, and you have to have the feature on your cell plan.

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