How can I connect my HDTV to my Mac?
Question by Judy Richardson /

I’m about to buy a new 32″ HDTV, to be in the living room. How do I connect my desktop Mac, which is in the office at back of my apartment to the TV?

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Answers (2)
  • Steve Campbell

    I have a similar setup with my MacBook Pro and I’m using the Moshi Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter:

    Hope you have the DisplayPort on your Mac, it’s really simple if you do.

  • Worthingtonheatandair

    You can hook it up threw your thunder bolt port if your mac has one. the newest models do. or invest in a sling player for about 100 bucks.  or go tot the apple store and ask for a display from mac to a hdmi. Hope this helps.

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