How do I connect my Android tablet to my GMail account?
Question by Claire /

I tried plugging my Android into my computer and installing the apps from the Android Market website, but a message always pops up that says “This account doesn’t have Android connected to it. Try logging in with a different account”. What do I do?

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Answers (26)
  • Carol Clay

    when I get on my gmail accounts I cant read them or change them.

  • Carol Clay

    My husband has an gmail account on our android table. I have tried to access my gmail account and put it on an app but I cant seem to get it.

  • krishna prajapati

    when i open my tab initially it is asked to put my google id n password.
    is there any solution for this..

  • Dsturgis07

    How can I connect my tablet calender to my aol account

  • Simba Tabby

    I install the android market or play store onto my android tablet. And it always says “do you wish create an account now”, so i click yes and it closes it?? How do i create an account on my tablet??

  • Wilson6747

    Ok really mad rite meow I got Android tablet and I’m tryin to download angry birds for it and it keeps sayin “there is no Android phone associated with this account”I don’t have a Android fone I got a lg fone someone help please.

  • bianca92

    HELP!! how can I get my tablet seen by my android market account? I don’t have an android phone…. like I am asked!!!

  • Harry Zekavat

    I bought a Toshiba tablet w/ wi. Fi. I have a Samsung android cell. I want to connect my tablet to cell via apps and. Use it to connect to internet. Thanks harry

  • Amman

    i put my old email address and now i have got a new email address i am dying for help and no one has my answers!!! i dont want to reset my phone and pay £15 please help!!!!

  • Justinbeiber1996

    i have an andriod tablet 2.2 and i was wanting to see how to connect my andriod tablet to my gmail but some reason it wont let me install apps from to the computer to my tablet please help me if anybody has any idea of what to do helppp pleasee!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      How to Install Applications on the Android Tablet PC

      well if you have the applications on the desktop, then load them to the tablet via usb connection.

      1) download Astro File Manager (2 MB) to your android mobile
      2) Download .apk files to pc
      3) Connect tablet to computer. Copy all .apk files into the memory card of ur
      phone.4) Browse these .apk files through Astro File Manager 

      if you only have the .apk on your computer, upload it to dropbox, open dropbox
      app on android, click file, install

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