Can you help me configure Internet Download Manager so that all my downloads use it?
Question by Tim Farquhar /
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I run Windows XP Pro and use the latest Firefox but I’m not very computer literate. I need help getting Internet Download Manager to take over all my downloads instead of the slow as hell one that comes with XP Pro. I just recently had to have my computer wiped and reloaded from scratch. I need some step by step, including were to find settings that I’ll need to get into to change things are to change.

I’m hoping someone will be very patient :)


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Answers (30)
  • Shahbaz Amin

    I normally go and check Advanced browswer integration option and it works as I think should?

  • kumar raja

    U can Download video automatically by clicking the Link or It will show the download Button on top of the window by following the below procedure

    In option Menu>General Tab>Keys U can enable those

  • Rakesh Mishra

    in the settings set the idm to default downloader and enjoy it

  • dhanunjayarao chunduri

    After you install IDM, open it and right there you will see an icon named Options.
    Tick on Run module for monitoring IE Based browsers, Use advanced Browser Integration & capture downloads from (The browser you will be using, if not sure, tick all)

  • Anonymous

    Hey, good to know that you are trying to learn. Technology is something you can learn by continuous practice but the faster way is to come here :)

    Anyways , regarding your IDM problem, please make sure you have checked the first four options on the General Options tab ( all may not be necessary but it helps a smoother using experience). For options, you can go to the Downloads Tab in the main window of the software & click the General tab. Also ensure that you have checked the Mozilla / Mozilla Firefox options in the "Capture Downloads from the following browsers " which is in the same general (options) tab. Check out these things & make sure to come up with ur answers / problems again .

    Cheers !!

  • Boni Oloff

    Maybe it is because the internet connection itself is not so fast, but for the setting, open the OPtions in IDM, and click Connections Tab, and change the number of connetion to 16.

  • Gordon Scott

    There is little to no reason to use these download managers. Just click and download the file you hard is that?

  • Reý Aetar

    to be honest the latest version of the download manager dont support the latest versions of any modern browser they need time to update though they will support internet explorer that comes with xp
    instead try an old version of your fav browser and reinstall the download manager that will surely help

  • Dave Rimmer

    Click on Start/All Programs scroll down to IDM and open it. Click on Downloads at the top, Scroll down to Options and click on it, IDM Configuration will open up Click on the General Tab you will notice the Capture Downloads From The Following Browsers make sure Firefox is Checked and any other Browsers you use.

    • Anonymous

      They were all checked, please read above reply. Maybe you have a suggestion.

  • Bill Bowman

    What Download manager do you use. I use Flash Got works in firefox and it prompted me what to use!

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