How can I connect my Nokia C5-03 to my PC’s DSL internet connection without WiFi?
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I want to use internet on my mobile through my home DSL internet connection. I don’t have wireless connection to use WiFi, so can I connect my NokiaC5-03 to my PC’s DSL internet connection using a USB cable?

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  • arun

    How can I connect my Nokia C5-03 to my PC’s DSL internet connection without WiFi?

    • Tina

      Try any of the answers below? Why do you re-post the original question?

    • Rana

      Hey , my nokia c5-03 is detecting wlan ... I can use internet through it but facebook and youtube r not opening ... Plz help ... N hw to use the wlan in my pc which has no bluetooth ... Please help ....

    • Susendeep Dutta

      You might not be getting enough speed to surf videos.Also make sure that flash player is installed.

      You can pass your phone's internet connection to PC (tethering) by using Nokia suite.It can be downloaded to PC from the link below -

  • Im4an

    can anyone clearly tell the steps by which we can use DSL Internet on our mobile C5-03 via bluetooth or data cable?

  • duncan23480

    actually,with my c5-03 and my pc,it works.firstly.i connect my dsl to internet.second, i set up a wireless ad-hoc(choose no authentication) at my pc,so i connect my phone to my pc through the wireless ad-hoc.then,on my phone, go to settings>connectivity>destination> access point and choose yes.go to wireless lan>(select your ad-hoc)>internet.then..jigga!you jst got it!to browse,select wireless>(ad-hoc connection)..have fun.cheers!!hope this help.

  • Smignasimuthu

    How can I connect my Nokia C5-03 WLAN network


    I want to connect my Nokia 6600 fold to my PC already running internet through a USB device connection. I want to use same source of internet over my mobile by using Bluetooth device plz guide me

  • Praveen Upendar

    thank you

  • Tina


    did ha14's answer solve your question? Please let us know!

  • Anonymous

    Your Nokia C3 must be able to connect to the internet (network service), and your PC must support Bluetooth technology. After connecting to the network access point (NAP) service of the device, and pairing with your PC, your device automatically opens a packet data connection to the internet. 
    connect nokia c3 with bluetooth device by making new network connection fro my network place so.when you click on new connection you just select 1)connect to the internet 2) set up my connection manually connect using dial up modem then provide isp name (for ex--for ME users just type--ME.INTERNET) and you can also confirm your ISP name and phone no from customer care.after providing ISP name also provide phone no. and after that just click NEXT without providing any username password and after that finish it ....JUST DIAL THE CONNECTION....

    1. Connect your handset with pc and choose option of Pc Suite2. Open Pc suite then click connect to Internet Icon. It will goes automatically connecting before you need some settings to do.3. Goto to Options select the Service Provider and click Connect or Second method is Configure the connection manually in this you need to provide Access Point name of your service provider you can get that by calling the customer care

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