Why won’t my computer’s display work when I start it?
Question by Chetan Kurvatti /

Problem: When I start my system the display won’t come up, even though I am able to see the fan running and the power supply is intact and the green light on the motherboard also lights. Initially I thought there might be problem with the monitor, it worked fine when used with another system. I removed CMOS to remove any settings which I may have done but no luck either. Here is my system info:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Dual core processor

Please help.

If I have to change my motherboard, what is the best choice?

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Answers (8)
  • Satsec13

    remove ypur ram clean it and put it back

  • Rob Hindle

    Check graphics card – properly seated, any power connections OK
    Check data cable, connected OK, cable not damaged (intermittent connection)?
    Possibly the PC has two video connectors one mother board as well as a separate graphics card – are you plugged into the right one?
    A bit much maybe but possibly try the graphics card in a different PC – if not working then card is broken (Or try a different graphics card in the problem PC)


    Hello, has the monitor worked before with this computer or is it a new build?  Have you checked if there is a disc in the CD/DVD tray?  Try the following:

    — restart computer
    — keep pressing F8 key
    — select Enable VGA mode (generic drivers) and press enter

    Do get a screen now?  If you do, make sure to download new drivers for your graphics card.  Is there more than one graphics card in your system?  if there is, are you sure you are connecting monitor to right card? 

  • dsimk2002

    It might be a problem with the graphics card

  • Mike

    Did you built the system yourself?

    My first guess would be that one power connector is not (properly) connect. Chances are your graphics card needs an additional 6-pin PCIe power connector or the motherboard an additional 4-pin power connector.

  • Anonymous

    Boot on windows cd and choose repair from there perhaps you can use restore points to go back to earlier state.
    other then this you can choose upgrade feature which will reinstall windows but will not delete files. You should have a valid serial to reactivate windows and if it fails then there is phone call activation option.

    • Klchetan

      I am not able to see the anything on my monitor, Once I get the video on my screen then from there I can take rest of the things

    • Anonymous

      which windows version do you have?
      So as i understand when you boot on windows cd you dont see anything?

      you can try to remove the graphic card and boot on the integrated motherboard graphic card?

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