Why is my computer usage at 100%?
Question by Syairazi Fikri /
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When I look at my Windows task manager in the processes tab, there is this program called system idle process using 95-99 of my CPU, the problem is I don’t know how to make it stop or delete it or repair it or reduce my CPU usage. Can anyone help?

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Answers (26)
  • Jay

    AMD from those two, 

    I have 2 gb RAm , and intel core 2 duo .

    You may think about, intel i3 or above if you want to upgrade.

    I gave you Recommended Specifications.try if you can run this game normally by closing all other softwares, may be it will let you play the game without slowing down, and you will not have to do anything.
    What I mean is :if  there is any process running and occupying memory, then close it and try.

  • Syairazi

    ok thx..... i guest i improve my ram from 1Gb to 2Gb then..... AMD processsor 2.70GHz and 800 MHz Pentium witch is better???

  • Jay

    The number of process doesnt matter, what matters is how much memory they occupy, like i said, firfox is using  700,000 k fo my 1gb Ram, it means only one process is using more than 70% of my RAM.

    you may think about upgrading your RAM.


  • Syairazi

    eudemon online it use 220.222bytes and 90-95 cpu usage..... Do u know how i can run this files without it reaching 90% cpu usage??? and yes my Cp usage goes down when i close the program...

    • Jay

       I am not sure whether it is possible , but my firefox is using 783,000 k, and still my cpu usage is less than 0 to 10%,
      I have 1 GB RAM, may be you need to upgrade your RAM ?.
      at least you know now, what was the problem and you will not fromat your hard disk :)

      these are the requirements for your game :

      Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows  XP / Vista / 98 / 2000 CPU: 800 MHz Pentium 3 RAM: 128 MB Memory HDD: 2.0 GB Free Graphics Card: Any DirectX 3D Vga card with 16MB memory
      Recommended Specifications: OS: Windows  XP / Vista / 98 / 2000 CPU: 1.7 GHZ Pentium 4 RAM: 256 MB or higher HDD: 4.0 GB Free Graphics Card: Geforce 2 Graphics card or better.

  • Jay

    my current process is 67 :)
    just follow these steps :
    open task manager.
    click on processes
    click memory usage
    scroll on top.
    if it displays 16k, click it again now, you will be able to see, which processes are slwong up the pc.
    stop thinking about cpu, memory usage is the thing you have to care about.
    see which process are using the most meory.
    (now it is proved that system idle process is using the least memory, so forget that 99 cpu thing)
    got it ?aayi bat samaj me ?

    • Syairazi

      how to delete the files that use most memory??? 

    • Jay

      Did you try what i said ? which were the processes that used the most memory ?
      if you select them and press delete button, or roght click and select end process, you will get rid of them.
      cpu will not be 100% and will be fast again.

      they are not the files, they are the softwares you installed and consuming the memory when you run them.

      but whenver you run those software like you mentioned, it will be the same position.

    • Abhinav Chauhan

      hey bro... when i am using internet on my pc cpu usage is 100% and if do not use internet when cpu usage is normal can any body help me ?

    • Oron

      Abhinav, this suggests that your web browser is working very hard. To help you, we would need more details, so I suggest you start a new question, and ask again, providing these details: What OS you are using (Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X version n?) What browser you are using (including version number), processor model (or at least no. of cores) and amount of RAM on your PC.
      It would also help if you could tell us if this happens with any web site or only certain ones (in which case, name some).

    • ha14

      1) uninstall your browser and reinstall
      2) check if there are pluggins on your browser so uninstall them
      3) see if your antivirus is doing this
      4) if your antivirus has a firewall then shut down windows firewall
      5) Make a rule on your antivirus to not scan pictures, this will help loading pages. it is up to you to decide.

  • Syairazi

    well i guest i just format my hard disc im sure that will solve the problem.. well thank anyway to all for thinking so hard for me..

    • Jay

      Formatting should be the last option, and it will may not solve your problem, want to know why ? keep readiing.

      i have something new to tell  you :


      you can 99 on cpu usage. and 16 k on memoery usage, if you click on the memory usage, and scroll the list, you will able to sort the list by ascending and descending order.
      you will find out which softwares are slowing the pc.

      while system idle process uses 16 k, firefox on my pc uses 700,000 k.
      that is system idle process is on bottom in the screen shoot as it uses the least memory.
      scroll and see which processes are on the top.

      and uninstall or fix those programs.
      I think this will be the ideal solution, else you will face the same situation after formatting your hard disk, and again installing the same programs which is slowing down your pc.

    • Syairazi

      Um..... important question that image u show me process only 20 files but mine process about 53 is that normal???? can that cou my problem???

  • Syairazi

    all right thank every 1, i will try every single 1 until it work, but i will ask again if none work..... um last question how to close this question??? does it close on it own???

    • Jay

      Are you talking about this question on Makeuseof answers you asked!?
      well, you can conclude it with you got a solution or not.
      but there is nothing like officially closing the question.
      you can comment and give your feedback whenever you have an update.

  • Syairazi

    If it not system idle then why is my cpu usage reach 100% each time i open certain program like eudemon online and warcraft frozen trone, when it reach 100% it start to stuck..... any idea why???

    • Jay

      When you open certain programs, and pc gets  slow,
      Then may be,these programs are the reasons.
      go to task manger, and see how much cpu these processes of the certain progs consume.
      tell me what you saw.


      Hello, there could be many reasons why your system freezes or gets stuck when opening certain programs.  You have to realize that if your system does not have enough resources, it might get stuck for a while or freeze completely.  If you are installing and/or playing games, make sure to check the games requirements to see if your system has enough resources to play them.  If your system does not have the requeriments to play a game, sometimes it will still play it but some options would be disabled. 

      The same applies to programs like photoshop, autocad, any video editing program and any program that requires a lot of resources.  Can you be more specific about your system specifications? 

      Those two sites you mentioned are online.  If it gets stuck when you go to a specific site, the site might not like your browser.  You can see if that is the problem by visiting the site using another browser.  Also, it might be that you have plug ins or add ons installed in your browser are interfering with your browsing certain sites.  You can disable add ons and see if that solves your problem.  Also make sure to update your flash to the most recent version.

      In the end, I do not think that system idle is causing the problems you are referring too.  Most likely, if you are a gamer, you will need to update your hardware so that you can play any game you like. 

      Once you start a game or a program in your computer, the system is not idle or completely idle anymore.  Before you start the game, check your task manager to see how idle your system is.  Once you checked that, open the game, play it and then compare the readings and you will see that your system idle is not using a lot of resources any more. 


    Hello, it is easy, if you do not want your system to be idle, open a program an run it.  There is nothing wrong with your system being idle.

  • Jay

    It is exactly the opposite:
    It shows how much of your cpu is idle(free)
    Windows Task Manager in Windows XP showing System Idle Process usage at 99%, indicating that no other process is running in the CPU.

    First of all read this page :and see the picture and the caption
    then there will not be any doubts.


    so it is not the reason of a slow pc and defintiely not a virus or malware.

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