Why does my computer suddenly not turn on for days at a time?

brownthomas June 8, 2011
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About 6 months ago, my computer decided it wouldn’t turn on anymore. I began researching forums for answers and dreading that I would have to make a costly repair to something or replace the PSU or Motherboard. Then one morning I woke to find the computer on. After fixing some settings that reset, it seemed to operate in its normal clunky way.

Fast forward to a week or two ago. I moved the computer to a new house. I did not pack it up with much padding, but felt it was properly secure, and moved it myself by car. The computer would not start again in its new setting. I hoped that it might magically power on again by itself after a day or two, and sure enough I came home one day to find it on, but stuck on a boot up error screen (computer was not detecting the (non-existent) floppy drive – an issue I have worked through before). Unfortunately, I had to power down and crossed my fingers that it would turn on again. Alas, it did not and hasn’t made a peep since. Through all this, there has been a steady green light on the motherboard.

Any ideas what my problem might be? I’m not so handy with DIY PC hardware repairs. The computer is older (2006), but I’d rather like to keep it running and am willing to spend up to a point to do so.

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