Why does my computer shut off when I watch streaming videos in Chrome?
Question by Tina Stark /

My laptop has suddenly started turning off when I’ve watched approx 20mins of streaming video but it only does it on Chrome, its fine on Internet Explorer, does anyoneknow why this is happening?

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Answers (17)
  • Diego

    it happens to me too and i think Matheus is right. I am going to get my cpu cleaned as well. However, if watch a few movies one after the other (blu ray and 1080p full hd mkv files) nothing happens, it doesn’t shut off. I think that’s because the softwares i use (powerdvd 12, win media player and vlc player) do not cause the problem that occurs with Google chrome and let the gpu do the hard work.

  • Adinamo Alex

    reinstall windows, update all drivers.

  • Debbie Bakel

    When I watch TED videos it hesitates and goes to buffer. What program needs updating?

  • Prashast Kumar Rajput

    perhaps its the problem of your heat sink…check your fan (should be clean)…
    and then open heat sink and check for thermal compound grease(should not be dry)..
    try changing the thermal grease or consult your service provider.

  • VS Vishnu


  • Alex Perkins

    Its probably getting too hot and shutting down to protect itself, try cleaning out the fan(s) and see if that helps.

  • Alex Perkins

    Its probably getting to hot and shutting itself down to protect itself, try cleaning out the fan(s)

  • Alex Perkins

    Chromes weird like that, although i only ever had that happen once

  • Deekshith Allamaneni

    It might be due to the Flash player that usually consumes heavy system resources.

    A simple trick I use is to keep my ceiling fan turned ON while streaming. It really works.

  • Justin Pot

    Are you watching these videos on a table, or are you setting your laptop down on blankets or another soft material? If the latter you’re probably overheating your laptop. Set it down on something solid and you should be fine.

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