Why does my computer lose its internet connection after some time?
Question by John /
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Recently, my computer started losing its internet connection whenever the duration is over an hour. I have tried resetting the winsock and attempt to assign IP address manually, but after restart the problem still persists. It says the default gateway is not available.

The modem is fine and my network adapter is working properly, while the cable is working with no problems.

Could someone assist on this issue?


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Answers (43)
  • Madan

    I have just buy Hp pro book 4431s model laptop with 64 bit , win 7 free OS and i have huewai c5005 model CDMA mobile modem PC suit ,when i connect device its not saw device , i have try to connect through the device manager there is also problems in interface device how can i connect my device and run internet smoothly ?

  • Anthony stamps

    this problem could be solved bye at&t they could help i search this question online this could be fixed by bye uninstallying hardware or software off the comeputer or motuem router or talk to your internet provider comcast at&t are the internet providers you should use and you shuld get netgear or a cisco moutem or router
    or try unpluging the device and  pluging back in if it still conntinues if your wirless you need to use wired connection an get at&t or there might be something unpluged hope you get it fixed ty for your time

  • Keith

    I had this problem for a year and I tried everything and I do mean everything.
    My Networking card was a Nvidia.
    In final desparation I bought a Realtek Gigabit LAN Card from Ebay for a fiver and my problem is now sorted.
    I now have an Internet speed of 14Mb increased from around 3Mb.

  • cevin

    My computer is what makes my internet go down. my mom can netflix all day on the play station and it will never mess up. Only when i turn my computer on it goes down. My modem says its still connected to the dns Server but the internet light goes off

  • Tjkitl

    Hi.. am faced the same issue  but nw solved . pl. try this.

    The reset command is available in the IP context of the NetShell utility. Follow these steps to use the reset command to reset TCP/IP manually:To open a command prompt, click Start and then click Run. Copy and paste (or type) the following command in the Open box and then press ENTER:cmdAt the command prompt, copy and paste (or type) the following command and then press ENTER:netsh int ip reset resetlog.txtReboot the computer.

    then assign a new IP for NIC. 


  • Rfiddler

    thanks for the info mate .I had the same problem and worked great thanks a heap mate

  • Lunchbox096

    Same Issue but i rebooted my laptop. When it finished it restarted and i signed in and i had no internet connection (wired).

    • Lunchbox096

      Anyway it said "No Deafult Gateway Was found) I connect the wire to my xbox 360 and it works fine...no issue

  • Riswan

    hello my friend's, i m using the lenova G550 Laptop, if i m open my pc the total network pc is totally slow, i m check the router but not fault in router,if shutdown my pc its ok wht problem plz help me my friends,give me a solution

  • Abdul Rahman

    i know the answer for the connection is connect but seem like no connectivity.
    first go to the control panel and open windows firewall and go to the tab advance.
    and Tick Wireless Network Connection in case it is untick and click setting and go to tabnICMP and Tick everything. then click ok. and
    Tada... it work now... and can surf internet again..

    • karen

      do you mean advance settings? coz i had been looking for the ADVANCE TAB to no avail

    • asif

      dear sir mujhe mere system mein 60 mints off hona cahiye automiticly on off hona cahiye please help me thanks

  • Elgato47

    go to device manager, click on properties of your adapter and uncheck the box that allows Windows to disable the adapter to save power

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