Why doesn’t my computer detect my MicroSD card?
Question by karan singh /

I can’t access my Micro SD card? It says “Error: Please insert disk in to drive.” The disk is in the drive!

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Answers (13)
  • Kaushik Pasi

    My card reader in laptop detects other memory card but not this specific one. I checked its not broken. I was using it in my nokia phone and suddenly one day said memory card not found. Now I am trying to use it in my laptop but still it doesn’t detects it.
    Is my card gone corrupt??? Or any other solution??

  • leonheart

    my BB mobile cant read my 2gb sd card, when i formatting it, it will not recognize but in the first place i can view it inside the sd card after 30 seconds it will gone not recognize…pls help me to recover it.

  • Niks

    Check if your card is locked .

  • Anonymous

    the reader may be is corrupted, is it external reader or you are inserting directly to the pc/laptop?

    • Han

      thx for you reccomend. but my Laptops SD is not reading my new Micri SD card. If laptop SD reader is broken , it’s possible  to repair it? How to know that is broken or not? tnx

    • Anonymous

      depends on how its broken:faulty, here is a discussion
      it is up to you to decide, since it can void the warranty

      or try to uninstall the driver, reboot, download a new copy from the manufacturer site install and reboot.

      before going through steps try another micro sd card and see if the message repeats.

  • James Bruce

    Perhaps you’re cliking on the wrong drive. Or your card is broken. Have you tried in another PC? Or a camera, maybe?

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