Why does my computer not detect my external hard disk when plugged in?

Fatin Nabila Paiman May 17, 2012
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I have a problem regarding my external hard disk 465 GB where it can’t be detected in my computer and also disk management. I have formatted the external HD since I was asked to format it when an error popped up.

So I formatted it and after the formatting completed, I tried to connect the hard disk to my Windows Vista laptop. When I connect it to the laptop, it can’t be detected and yet the hard disk is blinking with green light like it used to when it is connected to the laptop. I tried the disk management thingy, but it can’t detect my hard disk.

What can I do to make it better? Please help me! I am not worried about the things stored in the hard disk, but I have to move the files in my laptop, so that it wouldn’t crowded my laptop disk drive. Please help me!

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