Ray Villarroya

Why does my computer auto-restart on shutdown?

05 Nov 2012
Windows XP
Firefox 16
05 Nov 2012 | Windows XP | Firefox 16

My monitor started to smoke. Turned the computer off and borrowed a friend’s monitor, which installed OK. On shutdown, the computer restarted itself. The only way to turn it off is to go through the normal shutdown procedure and when the screen goes black, hold the computer start button in for a few seconds.

Have unchecked the ‘automatically restart box’ in System Failure Section.
Have taken the covers off and vacuumed and blown all dust out.
Have tried running in Safe Mode.
Have unchecked all the items in Startup, in MSCONFIG.

All of these items have been suggested in other posts, but none of them has worked for me. Would be very grateful if someone could help. Thanks!

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