How can I compress a large PDF to a smaller size without using software so I can eMail it?
Question by Nareen Mohammad /
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How can I compress a large PDF to a smaller size with out using software
so I can eMail it?

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Answers (34)
  • The IT Bros

    You need to use software. However there is 100% free software out there that will do this:

    "My compression ratio (when set to medium quality) dropped 86% in one instance. 87MB down to 12MB."

    This is the best FREE method with great compression ratio that we have found.

  • Nikhil Chandak

    right - click on it & then choose the option of compress zipped
    or I don't think that u can compress ur document without any software

  • Andrew Harvey

    You need to use software, we compress large files all the time to create our flipbooks with a great program you can check it out on our site - there is a Free 30 day trial.

  • Bridget

    All much too complicated. Simple method is to click on the Minus button on the toolbar until you can see the whole page on screen. Click on EDIT and select TAKE A SNAPSHOT. Click and hold, highlight the document, which will now appear pale blue. When you release the mouse click, a message tells you the highlighted area has been copied. Now Paste into a blank Word doc and save. You now have a teeny weeny doc to attach to your email.

  • Amit Sinha

    for this you always need a software like using nitro pdf you can reduce the size of pdf file by saving it as web based ready by doing this software understands that this file is to be uploaded on any server or have to emailed.

  • Tony Batty

    Nareen, ha14 and Mac gave you the best solution, it is impossible, unless you have a new way, which you are keeping a secret and don't wanna share with us. But the only ways are the ones given to you, try using the Adobe PDF Pro and as you go to save as an option window will pop up and you will see compression options and you need to use the smallest option available, which will be good for attaching to an e-mail and still be of quality to print unless you want to send to be printed by a Big Print Company and you want High Quality, which will I would recommend that you burn as an image on a CD or DVD for that matter and send by postal services.

  • Mac

    Well, as I know, the PDF files are creating using the same algorithm as ZIP files. If the PDF file contains images, the compressing process would be a difficult task. But there are still a few option:
    - using the feature "Reduce File Size" in Adobe Acrobat Professional;
    - reducing the resolution of the images in PDF document and the pages size;
    - compressing the file with 7z archiver.

  • ShokuBox

    Try splitting the whole pdf and sending it by parts.

  • Mr Tynesider

    Simple don't compress it., save it to a cloud base such as Skydrive and then give the named person the permission to access the file.

  • Rishabh Sharma

    Winzip works the best in business afterall, i don't think there's any way to compress without any software, or if you want you can convert it in black & white, reduce font &image size- Hope it helps

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