How can I compress a large PDF to a smaller size so I can eMail it?
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Is there a method that can shrink a PDF document to a smaller size without zipping it. I want to eMail the PDF file.

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Answers (11)
  • Bill

    I tried everything, then found out a clever way to do it. Open your Adobe document, go to preferences, there you have the choice to set your resolution higher or lower (pixels / square inch). I set mine down much lower. Then use the previous methods; Open the document then save it and use the Quartz section to make the file smaller. Mine went from 33MB to 587KB. Amazing, and still clear enough to see the images ok.

  • D. Hata

    Easiest way......Copy the entire pdf to your clip board and paste into Word (2007 or better) which has a save as pdf option. I saved a 25 mb file down to 181kb.

    • Tom

      How to do this for image file. Bcoz I think this only works well for text??

  • Walter Zelman

    i need a safe, free program to compress pdf files to eamail.

  • Ankitkaulmachama

    Acrobat 9, Click on Document>then Reduce Pdf Size> then will prompt to click which version or later to reduce, pick any, doesnt really matter> then pick where you want to save it, and voila. Let it reduce it, takes 1-2 minutes and voila your done ! 


    Hello, you could use this online pdf compressor. It is free, it works but in order for you to download your file you have to provide an email address. Hope it helps

  • Tina


    also check out the suggestions that were posted in response to this question: How can I send large files through eMail?

  • Mike

    Depends on your operating system and the tools or applications available.

    For example Adobe Acrobat has an option called PDF Optimizer which will shrink and compress embedded pictures and other things without loosing much of the quality. You can find it within the Advanced menu

    On Mac OS X you could use the built-in and it's Save as... option to reduce the size. The PDF engine used is (almost) as good as the one in Acrobat.

    Below are some other tools which offer similar functions. Both offer Trial versions so you don't have to by a full licence.

    There is also a free browser based editor PDF Escape. Basically you upload your PDF and then just click on Save & Download. Since my PDF's are already optimized I can't tell you how good it is in reducing file size.

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