How can I clone my laptop’s internal hard drive?

Benjamin August 18, 2012
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So I have the new hard drive for my laptop (it doesn’t have an optical drive!)

But how do I get the contents of the old one onto the new one?

I have an external hard disc, and I figure the first step would be to create an iso image file of the old hdd, save it on the external disc – but then what?
1. I don’t know which software to use for creating that iso image *of the complete hdd, with all the partitions*.
2. Then, after inserting the new hdd, I’d need a tool that can both boot the computer, and mount the iso image to the new drive.

What do you recommend? I’ve tried the WD edition of Acronis in Windows, but it already messed up 2 steps, so I’d prefer to use Linux tools for this process, but which ones?

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