Why doesn’t clicking play on a YouTube video work?
Question by maurice orlanski /

When I click play in a YouTube attachment, it doesn’t work. All the other functions seem to work, but I can’t get the video to play.

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Answers (7)
  • Anonymous

    may be you have somle adblocks?

    maybe javascript not running, so reinstal java

    right click on a youtuve video and uncheck enable hardware acceleration


    Hello, it could also be because you are using an extension like noscript.  What browser are you using?

  • Inziya

    it usually happens when ur internet connection expires. it happened to me once. 

    • Jeff Fabish

      That would make it mighty difficult for him to get to makeuseof, wouldn’t you say? 

  • Jeff Fabish

    First, clear out your browse cache. Then, re-install Adobe Flash. This sometimes happens to me, clearing my cache and restarting my browser usually fixes it.

  • Jay

    do you mean embedded video by video attachment or something else ?
    cilck the youtube icon in the embedded video window when seekbar is located.
    to watch on youtube.

    if you can watch video on youtube on the youtube site, restart the browser and try again.

    if you can’t watchit on youtube also, update your flash player.

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