Why does Chrome suddenly have the inability to load Facebook?

Xoandre November 6, 2011
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For months now, I have become more adept at using Chrome for browsing the web. I still alternate between Chrome and Firefox for much of my online activities, as Firefox does some things better than Chrome anyway.

My main reason for installing Chrome in the first place was to find a browser (besides IE) that will load Facebook Apps properly and allow them to run fast. This does not ever happen in Firefox, by the way. Facebook loads, but the apps make me feel like I am on a 28.8 Modem back in 1994 when i use Firefox.

The other day, I opened Chrome and suddenly Facebook (which is my homepage and the only tab that opens when I start Chrome) would load the page but I could not click anything, the loading circle keeps spinning and I cannot do anything in Facebook.

This could just be Facebook itself becoming a behemoth of lag, as it has always been when using Firefox, but on a testing whim, I opened it in IE and everything loaded fast and fully ready to go.

So —

1. Why is Facebook becoming so laggy?

2. Is there some change that Chrome made which now causes Facebook and its apps to never finish loading?

3. Any clue what might be causing IE to do everything faster and better than either Firefox or Chrome?

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