Why doesn’t Chrome show the same account links as IE9 when I’m logged into MakeUseOf?
Question by Paul Pruitt /

When I log into my MakeUseOf account with Facebook on IE 9, I get links next to my “Initiate Geek Badge” of “Get Points | Rewards | Profile | Logout”. However, on Chrome Version 22.0.1229.79 m, all I see is my badge.

Also my comments used to show up in gray above the comment box after I submitted them, now I’m being told “Thanks for your comment. If you’re a new user, your comment may be held for moderation first.” I’m not a new user and even won third place for a comment along with $20 in one of the monthly best comments contests.

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Answers (11)
  • muotechguy

    Could you send a screenshot of that to jamesbruce@ this domain? Also, are you running any plugins in your browser?

  • HLJonnalagadda

    I use incognito in Chrome for makeuseof now as I was having to clear the cache every time I start a new session. Incognito is a much better solution. Earlier, I was using FF to browse makeuseof, but the same issue is going on with that too since Friday. I know clearing the cache would fix it, but that would mean logging in to all the other sites all over again!

    Any way I can just delete the cookies for makeuseof?

  • Shane La Horie

    I have the same problem with Chrome and Firefox i can no longer share on facebook G+ or any other social network as i used too…

    • susendeep dutta

      The sharing buttons are located on left side of page.So,zoom out your page(Ctrl + -) to see those buttons.

  • Tina


    Did you try to clear your cache and cookies in Chrome? Are you sure you are logged in with the same account? I see two accounts for you in our system, one with your gmail address, the other with your services.com address.

    • Paul Pruitt

      OK, thanks. Is there a way you can combine the accounts?

    • Tina

      I think there is. If I remember correctly, you go to the profile of your main account and add the social networking account from your second account. Then they should be combined. Will have James confirm that one, though.

    • muotechguy

      If you’ve already created new accounts, we can’t combine them. To add new connections, you can do so from your profile page, then you can login with either. If you’d like me to delete the duplicate account then please email me jamesbruce@ this domain and I can do so, then you can add that login to your other account. Make sense?

    • Paul Pruitt

      Yes it makes sense. I will Email you and ask you to delete my gmail account. Donca.

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