Paul Pruitt

Why doesn’t Chrome show the same account links as IE9 when I’m logged into MakeUseOf?

29 Sep 2012
Chrome 22
29 Sep 2012 | Windows | Chrome 22

When I log into my MakeUseOf account with Facebook on IE 9, I get links next to my “Initiate Geek Badge” of “Get Points | Rewards | Profile | Logout”. However, on Chrome Version 22.0.1229.79 m, all I see is my badge.

Also my comments used to show up in gray above the comment box after I submitted them, now I’m being told “Thanks for your comment. If you’re a new user, your comment may be held for moderation first.” I’m not a new user and even won third place for a comment along with $20 in one of the monthly best comments contests.

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