Should I choose between Graphics card or Processor?

Zaidy March 12, 2011
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I have come across two offers to choose from in a promotion, but I cannot decide which is more worth it for the same price. Can anyone advise me on what to choose?

One option has a better graphics card (GT540M), while the other option has a better processor (i7-740QM) than the former.

As I heard, CPU and GPUs both affect the FPS in games. So, just by looking at these specs can I know which will benefit more in the end? Please tell me which is a better choice and best for the same price, and why. Sorry I do not have any knowledge about notebooks and want to know more!

By the way, the battery life of the two notebooks were not stated. Can the better option be chosen based on an estimate of the battery life, too?

Thanks a lot. I have arrowed the differences. However, not all the specifications of these notebooks are found in the advertisements so can if I missed out any pros or cons of these notebooks please tell me! Thanks!

[Acer Aspire 4750G]

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