How can I charge a Panasonic Lumix camera battery without the charger?
Question by ali /

I lost my Panasonic Lumix camera charger. How can I charge my camera’s battery? Please help me! And from where can I buy a new charger? I live in Lahore, Pakistan.

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Answers (10)
  • Cindy

    can the Lumix FP5 camera be charged with a UBS cord plugged into a computor

  • agthorn

    Same problem for me while traveling in Peru. Would be nice if you could charge off computer

  • ali

    ma problem is solved………..

  • Teardrops

    hey i actually dont have a battery but have a charger cord can i still charge the camera that way or do i need the actual battery?
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tina


      if you don’t have a battery in your camera, then there is nothing the charger could charge! Whether or not it provides power to your camere so that it can run is a different question, but one you can easily answer yourself by just trying. Let us know how it works out!

    • Jessica Webster

      I got a knockoff battery and charger on eBay about a year ago, when my Dad sent me a Lumix left in his cab by Irish tourists [before we could get that camera here in the States]. Cost about $22, including shipping. (Lost the charger in a recent move, and had your USB question too, now answered.)  Note: my camera has a 5.3v DC in, adjacent to an AV out port under a door on the side. Looks like the male plug would be novel, not something likely kept on hand.  Could be if you had this cable, vs. the battery charger, you could run the camera w/o a battery. But it’d be awkward.

  • Tina


    did any of the solutions suggested above work for you? Is there an eBay in Pakistan? Please let us know how you solved the issue!

  • Anonymous

    You can get a universal charger which will charge any device with a usb port or adapter. Again, have a look on ebay/amazon etc.   

  • Joseph Gorman

    It will vary based on what model of camera you own. I would suggest going on to ebay and finding the correct charger from a seller who is willing to ship internationally. Here’s an example:

  • Jessica Webster

    FYI: eBay serves pritnear everywhere; the key is buyers’ and sellers’ being hip to state security type shipping restrictions and tariffs. This makes for a potentially rich collection of international postage and register-stamps [China & Palau offer awesome postage graphics]. US sellers can ship to Pakistan, no problem. UK, too. 

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