Why can’t I change the size of the pagefile in Windows XP?

RayInLV January 5, 2012
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I just got my hands on an old Dell Pentium M I9300 Laptop that has only 40GB hard drive using Windows XP. This machine is quite adequate for surfing the Net and easy little day to day things.

But space is limited, and it has only 768kb of memory, so I need the swapfile to be efficient for those occasions it is needed.

I know how to move and resize it using the Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance/Advanced/Virtual Memory utility.

The problem is, nothing happens. After entering new settings, I reduced size to 2mb on C, and added one to a 2g class 10 MicroSD card.

After reboot, the settings are retained in the utility, but the old pagefile persists at old size and new one is not created.

I had thought the issue could be putting the pagefile on the SD card (might be XP does not support it), so I reset everything and just reduced the size of the pagefile on C to 768k, with no file on the SD. I removed the SD and rebooted. But again, settings are retained and no changes after restart.

The SD is formatted as NTFS which I had read is required.

Any ideas one why the pagefile won’t change in size?

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