How can I change the motherboard logo image that shows up during boot?
Question by Mihai Triboi /
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I’m using a MSI motherboard. During POST it can show on screen its logo or some POST related output, so I choose the logo. But I want it to show another than the default image at startup. Is there a simple, foolproof way of changing that motherboard logo image?

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Answers (11)
  • steeve

    please install tuneup utilities software. this software got the feature boot logo change option. i changed my logo this via. try that and tell me

    • Mihai Triboi

      I installed TuneUp Utilities, tried to find anything BIOS related and couldn't. It has the option to change the Windows Logon image, not the motherboard logo image. Maybe you changed your Windows Logon screen?

  • Janeesh VJ

    download a suitable software

  • Siddharth Singh

    sorry .. thats not possible so easily .. as "bruce epper" said it is embeded into the EEPROM (the chip where the bios code is stored)

  • Jonny Roder

    I did 10 years ago.

  • Mike

    It is possible and there are tools to do so.

    But as it was pointed out this is at no point foolproof and if something goes wrong i.e. the process gets interrupted or encounters an error you are not only looking at a non-bootable system but a non-usable motherboard.

    You would then need to find an EEPROM of the same type with a BIOS from the same vendor and version. You can't buy those in a shop! At best you can acquire one through the manufacturers support.

  • Alex

    Yes, I do not advise you to do so. Dangerous self-indulgence.

  • Suman Acharya

    do not do it. chances are you will end up with a dead pc!

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    I think you can only flash the bios if there is no option of logo.

  • Bruce Epper

    Since the logo is embedded into the BIOS EEPROM (which is why it displays even if there is no connected media devices), you would need to copy the contents of the BIOS, find the embedded logo in those bits, alter those bits to create the image you wish to display, and reflash the altered BIOS on your motherboard. The entire operating is HIGH RISK. There is absolutely nothing simple or foolproof about it. And I am absolutely sure that it would violate any warranty that may currently cover the motherboard. You may be able to find software that claims to be up to the task, but remember that pretty much all EULAs claim they are not responsible if anything goes wrong even if it is due to a coding error.

    • Mihai Triboi

      Thank you Bruce.
      Now it's clear for me that I should not try to change my MB's logo image. I was hoping that here is a simple way to to change it; well... if not, I'll be OK with the default one. :D Don't want to kill my motherboard messing with BIOS EEPROM.

      Thanks to all for comments.

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