How can I change or fix .lnk file associations on Windows 7?
Question by Henry /
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I’ve been using a computer for several years now, so I have absolutely no excuse for this mistake. The phone rang and I hit a ok before I checked and I’ve killed Windows 7.

I was trying to get a program to open and I used Open with; I changed the *.lnk to open with the application and forgot to uncheck the Always Open With option. Now I can’t use any of my shortcuts. I know I should have doen a backup as soon as I got my system, but it doesn’t seem to like any of the CD’s I’ve tried to use to backup. I can work on that later, for now I would just like to know if there is any fix for screwing up my *.lnk files?

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Answers (510)
  • Florence

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Kevin Michael

    it works but the icons are not changed

  • Tina

    !!!ANSWER to this QUESTION!!!

    Unfortunately, the original comment was lost when we switched comment systems. However, the solution is still here!

    Option 2:
    Download registry fix for the LNK file association here and follow instructions on the page.

    Briefly, unpack ZIP file, right-click REG file and select merge. Administrator rights required!

  • Abubakkar Raheel

    where the hell is the answer to this question???
    i screwed up my win 7 just like Henry did..
    Now what should i do :((

    • Tina

      Option 2: Download the registry fix for the LNK file association here, unpack ZIP file, right-click REG file and select merge, let it do it's thing and you should be good. Administrator rights required!

  • Austin

    What is The procedure I cant see it It just says question resolved where is the instructions To Fix?

    • Tina

      Sorry! We recently switched our comment system and it looks like some comments were lost.

      Option 2 is using a registry fix. You can find the fix here.

      Download the ZIP file, unpack, run the .reg file and when it asks to merge with registry, let it do that.

      Good luck!

    • bob

      Thanks tina!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shanthi Kiran

      Thanks Tina, it works!!!!

    • Thomas

      Hey tina, im having a problem where it wont even allow me to open google or anything to get this download :(

  • Aashaytheronaldo

    thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx dudeeeeeeeeee

  • Dany_bee

    Great! All is working fine now!

  • Coolklokan

    Hi, how to do this on Vista?

    • Tina

      Same procedure. Use the registry fix (Option 2). It actually is made for Windows Vista, but works in Windows 7 too.

  • Saffron

    I did this! I tried to get a DVD to run on iTunes rather than Windows Media Payer, and clicked 'open with'. It then turned EVERYTHING into iTunes! I ended up taking the easy route out and doing a system restore to yesterday, which has fixed it, although I did have to reinstall  GoogleChrome, but that wasn't a problem.


    Just download his 2nd option.
    Then restart your computer and it works perfect.
    I don't know why windows 7 has the always open with box checked off. It screwed me up soo bad untill i downloaded option #2

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