How can I change back from Facebook Timeline view to wall view?
Question by Ann Hanceraj /

I changed the wall view of my Facebook account to the Timeline view. I would like to change it back to the wall view. Is there anything that I can do about it?

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Answers (192)
  • ugoo chukwu

    How can I get rid of facebook Timeline and go back to the old wall view?

  • Uriah G. Fombah

    I Hate TIMELINE and want my Wall View BACK!!!
    How did I get this TIMELINE, I DON’T KNOW.

  • Weronica Pitulice

    i want my facebook profile back please

  • Emily

    Yes, there is a way. you have to use the GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER to do it. I just did. Here’s the link.

  • barchok kiptoo bethuel

    someboby please help me remove this timeline and get my old facebook look

  • mark

    you can use Social Fixer , then u can hide things u don’t want to see and ur wall will be one column not 2. It Does “NOT” Work For Internet Explorer.
    It doesn’t remove Timeline, It Doesn’t Fake Out your Browser , won’t HARM your computer , isn’t a Virus or Malware. it just make’s it more livable. as far as the ad’s are concerned on timeline u can install Ad Blocker plus Browser Extension. Hope that helps ALL of you that hate Timeline. Peace

  • ImRan ALex KhaIry

    i don’t like facebook timeline how i go back…

  • felissa spivey martin

    I had the facebook time line but i changed back to normal now i want my timeline back.

    • Tina


      How did you disable the Timeline? When you can answer this, I can help you get the Timeline back. Alternatively, what browser are you using?

  • elma l dineros

    how can i change my profile go to timeline?

    • Tina


      How did you remove your Timeline? What browser are you using? Please scroll through the other comments, there are many tips on how to activate your Timeline or get it back after disabling it.

  • aly

    help me return timeline back

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