How can I change the brightness level on my laptop?
Question by Harry /
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I’m looking for an app or software that lets me override the brightness level on my laptop. I want it to be LOWER than the default setting.

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Answers (10)
  • Syuraih Abdullah

    hey harry , I've just solved the problem of mine by adjusting it through primary graphic card which is intel hd graphic(i use Nvidia for gaming(ASUS) ) .. should work on u also..

  • Me

    Any idea how to change the brightness if the keyboard doesn't work???

    • Jack Cola

      Go into Control Panel --> Power Options and in there, there should be an option to adjust brightness - i think it would be in your power saving mode.

  • Jetmar689

    thank you abhigyan,you teach me how to change brightness of screen with window 7

  • Anonymous

    Most laptops come with their own shortcut keys for modifying the screen brightness. On most Dell Laptops, this is the "Fn" key + Up/Down arrows to change the brightness. Use similar combinations to see if that works. In case it doesn't, and if you are running Windows Vista/7, you could go to power options and tweak the brightness settings to your desire. Click on Start > Run and type powercfg.cpl You will find screeen brightness at the bottom of the screen.

    Another solution that worked for me (although I think this was just a one-off thing), would be to boot into a linux distro like Ubuntu, and setting the brightness to its lowest. Then reboot into Windows and the low brightness should stay. Again, there's no guarantee this might work. It did for me, and might just be a bug in Ubuntu or something.

  • Hari623

    thanks for the comment guys. but i still cant find a solution to the problem.
    my vid card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M.

  • Saikat Basu

    Some graphics cards like NVdia come with their own tool panel. Does your card have one? Some freewares exist, but I am not sure if they go below the default levels as set by the graphics card. You can try them out - Desktop Lighter is one.Also you can give F.lux a try.

  • Jack Cola

    Hi Harry,
    There should be a keyboard shortcut on your laptop that does this for you.

    You should see that some keys have other images or symbols on it that are blue. Some of these keys include turning brightness and volume up and down, hibernate, turn the wireless on and off, lock the mousepad, switch to an external display.

    On your laptop, find a key (usually one of the F keys or possible the arrow keys) and also find the FN key which is usually bottom left near shift, control and alt.

    What you have to do is press these keys together, or old the FN key and repeatedly press the other key. If you press the right key, you should be able to see the brightness go down. If you press the wrong key and you don't know what happened, press it again as chances are you will turn it back off (or on if it was off)

    Let me know if you have done it

    • Hari623

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for the reply. I'm well aware of changing the brightness by using the keyboard. Maybe i didnt explain it clear enough. What i was tryin to ask was if there are any programs/tweaks that can LOWER the brightness of my laptop when the brightness is already at its lowest. I find it still too bright.


    • Jack Cola

      Sorry, I am not sure of any. I would suggest telling us what video/graphics card you have so others might help you out and do a Google search on that and 'laptop brightness'.

      I am sure there is something out there, but I haven't used needed to use any.

      Also, try adjusting your power properties in control panel. That may work.

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