Why can’t I view incoming efaxes in eClinicalWorks?

Cristián T February 11, 2014
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So my boss at work is able to access the efaxes for patients from the computer at her office using eClinicalWorks. Since I work from home, I have to use my laptop in order to use eClinicalWorks and access the account I have to work with. Unfortunately, when I went to the Fax Inbox page, everything was empty but not before getting two error messages stating “Failed to access fax inbox folder ‘\\FaxServer\InBox’. Please make sure the folder exists.” and “Could not read path \\FaxServer\InBox. Make sure the path is correct and you have permission to access this folder.” This provides kind of a problem for me, since I can’t access the efaxes of patients. I did speak to eClinicalWorks’ technical support line telling them what the issue was, and although what they said wasn’t very clear to me, what I got from it was that what I’m trying to do is prohibited for security reasons but there was another way of doing it that doesn’t breach the TOS. It was very confusing and eventually I realized that the technical support line would be unable to help me. I’m still getting used to eClincalWorks so when you explain what I have to do to fix the problem at hand, please use basic, user-friendly terminology so that I can understand more clearly. Thank you very much for your help.

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