Can you suggest a Twitter client for Windows that uses Tweetmarker to sync the last read Tweet?
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Can anyone suggest a Twitter application for Windows (desktop) that uses Tweetmarker to sync the last read tweet?

The only application I know that uses Tweetmarker on Windows is Nymphicus for Windows, but I’m not really a fan of this application. So I’m looking for another application on Windows, but I cannot find any app that advertises the use of Tweetmarker to sync the last read tweet. So maybe somebody has found an application that uses Tweetmarker without saying it on there site. Or maybe an application I forget to check.

More context: I want an application on my Windows pc, in combination with Plume on Android. And because Plume uses Tweetmarker, I’m looking for a Windows app that does too. If you know an application that has both an Android and Windows version, you can let me know too (then maybe I could use that app instead of Plume).


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