Alex Perkins

Can you recommend me an Android ROM for the Galaxy S2 that is stable and light on battery?

13 Dec 2012
Chrome 23
13 Dec 2012 | Android | Chrome 23

Hey guys, I have a friend whose girlfriend’s phone I rooted and put Cyanogen Mod on it. She loved it, but is now complaining about battery life. This couple aren’t very tech savvy, so I need to find a ROM that is very stable (otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it) and is easy on battery life as stated before.

The phone in question is a Samsung Galaxy S2. I have the same phone and Cyanogen Mod on mine and it’s fine on battery life for me. I’ve tried suggesting that the battery will run down quicker after flashing a new ROM as they’ll be playing around with it a while, but to no avail…

Any suggestions are welcome, it doesn’t have to be particularly fast but too too slow and it won’t do (they are used to the stock ROM).

Thanks guys!


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