Can you help me integrate my travel data into a blog using Android?

Garry W July 12, 2013
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I have been running a travel “blog” for a decade… but it’s strictly email-based and sent to fewer than 100 of my buddies and relatives. This has been tedious to write, in that I have to “integrate” all the relevant data.

I want an Android app or series of integrated apps that will detail:

  • log of where I visit and travel
  • locale located on my map
  • latitude and longitude of location
  • pictures I take associated with my locale
  • route of my travels displayed on a map
  • name and location of local places of interest
  • ability to define a “trip” and synch the above data to that
  • all data downloadable to a note and/or email and/or cloud

I will then write my blog utilizing all the relevant data, and put it on a website I’m creating.

I have downloaded SAGA, but it isn’t quite what I need and there does not seem to be much user info around. It does not export data.
What suggestions do you have for me?

I have a Samasung Galaxy Note II running 4.1.2.

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