Can you help me decide between a WordPress blog or static HTML?
Question by sanaan bin mohd sanaan /
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I have a religious website currently written in static HTML but I want to upgrade it and need some advice. I can’t decide whether I should use pure HTML or a WordPress blog.

I like WordPress and I often find static HTML boring but I would like some advice about which is best for me. I want a clean design and responsive website so which is better, WordPress or static HTML?

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Answers (7)
  • Herbert-Jan van Dinther

    If you need to update the site in a regular base and want to add a news section, use WordPress with a responsive theme.

    If there is only a need for minor updates like one a month on one page with something like a time table, go for html5 with a responsive template.

    First look at what your visitors want and need and then decide on a platform to build your site on.

  • Serge Garcia

    Are you a serious programmer? If so, Id highly recomend HTML assuming you have the know-how. Also, you can use the Adobe Dreamweaver plataform to create incredible HTML pages with little coding knowledge, but it is quite costly.

    Otherwise, I highly recomend either wordpress for blogging, or if you are just interested in a page that looks very professional and visually encouraging, try, a very user friendly website creating and hosting tool.


    i would suggest wordpress it is an easier way to handle you website

  • Macwitty

    If you think of security – you need to keep your WP installation updated, 6-10 times a year. It is not difficult but each time there is a risk that your theme and/or plug in will stop work as you want. Pure HTML is often more secure if you keep your FTP password safe.

    WP is on the other hand very handy when it comes to update content

  • Wong Wee

    Is your website gonna be regularly updated?
    Or does it require interaction with your visitor (ie, leave comments)

    If yes, then using wordpress might be a good idea, as it has an Admin Page to handle the various site administration. Also there are tons of plugins that improve visitor interaction with your website.
    Also, there are different themes available to customize your website layout.

    However, if it’s just a static page with some information for visitors, then a simple HTML page would suffice.
    One thing would be that as it is just a simple html website, it is easier to harden and prevent hackers/script-kiddies from defacing your website.

  • Junil Maharjan

    I would suggest you to have a wordpress blog if you want to get all the works done by yourself since it consists of a CMS, from where you can add, edit or delete contents and images. But if you want a much better handle on your website then either develop you own website if you are much learned on web designing or hire a web designer.

  • Rob Hindle

    One reason not to use WordPress if you are already familiar with it is if there’s anything you need to do that WP doesn’t provide as standard or with a good (recent version, sizeable userbase, good ongoing support, high rating) plug-in.

    If you need to develop your own theme or plug-in then the question arises, do you have the necessary skill-set?

    Pure HTML can be more compact, doesn’t rely on database and building page content on demand so it places less load on the server and is therefore faster but servers are so powerful that the difference is unlikely to be noticeable. I guess if you were on an overloaded server it might not be so great.

    Also if you had users with very slow connections the larger page size from WP might make page load a bit slower. And remember that static HTML can be cached in your PC, and at your ISP whereas WP pages will have to come from the server every time.

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